1-2-1 advanced course

Our 1-2-1 Advanced bespoke day is designed with you in mind. Together we tailor the day around what you would like to learn. We can troubleshoot a particular area of permanent cosmetics you may find difficult or you can chose to learn an advanced technique, such as Hair stroke brows, Ombre brows, whip shading, lip blush or latino eyeliner.  During your day we will cover your balance, position, stretch, pressure & colour choices.  You will work on live models.

Whatever your requirements for your day, we can accommodate you. You will have a consultation with Naomi so you can go over your experience and send pictures of your work so we can discuss what would like to learn and how to best gain the most from your time.

about this course

What does the course cover?
  • Theory.
  • Health, safety & hygiene.
  • Colour Theory.
  • Practice pad work.
  • Equipment overview.
  • Practical work on live models.
  • Demonstration.
  • On going support.
Course structure

Your course will begin with students arriving at 9.30 – 9.45 with a start at 10am. The day will finish around 4.30pm.

We will plan the course structure before your day to make sure we maximise the day. Everyday will be different and tailored to your individual requirements. There will be practical on live models, demonstration and practice pad work.

Additional work for completion

You are encouraged to keep in touch and send pictures of your work for on going feedback.

Course benefits

Taking an advanced days training will give you new skills to be able to learn, practice and take your treatments list further and be able to offer your clients additional treatments and services.

Gain confidence in your ability and give yourself a boost in learning new techniques and keeping yourself ahead of the game.

Course entry requirements

We recommend you to have been qualified in permanent cosmetics for 12 month before taking further advanced courses, so you gain the most from your day. If however, you have trained and are still struggling with some aspects of permanent cosmetics then we are able to look at your work and troubleshoot any issues. This could be your position, posture, stretch or pressure.  There are many reasons why you might not be getting the results you would like. Sometimes it even is as simple as needing more experience.

What qualification will I gain?

This will vary from person to person dependent on what you would like to learn or improve on, on the day.

Your course will be approved by Towergate Insurance.

Starter kit

There is no kit included in this course. We can recommend devices, pigments and needles during your time with us and let you try some different machines and products.

How to book

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Ways to pay

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1-2-1 advanced course summary



your pre-course information

Please find helpful information below before your attendance at Elite Colours Ltd.
Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Training Venue
Elite Colours Ltd is a fully equipped training facility offering you the highest standard of training with safety in mind. Please help us to maintain our Health and Safety standards by following our rules and regulations as instructed on this information sheet.

Our courses usually start promptly at 9.30 am, unless otherwise stated on your booking. This will be until the time of finish. Sometimes courses may finish later, so allow time for your travel arrangements. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to ensure you are ready for the course to begin.

If you are running late due to circumstances out of your control, please call and leave a message to let us know as soon as possible.

Behaviour and Attitude
We expect our students to behave in a professional manner at all times during your time with us. You are representing our business to clients in our area whilst you are training with us undertaking your practical treatments.

We want you to gain the best from your time with us so a positive mental attitude and a good early night beforehand will be a perfect combination for learning.

Please bring the best version of you along to your course!

What to wear
We follow a therapist dress code here at Elite Colours. We ask you to wear a beauty uniform. This can be any colour. If you do not have a beauty uniform, you can wear black trousers and black short sleeved top. 

Flat or low heel black shoes (no open toe shoes allowed).

Hair, Nails and Make up
Long hair must be tied back neatly and off your face. Please ensure that all hair is clipped up. 

Ensure your nails are a neat and manageable length. This is for your clients safety and also enables you to carry out your treatments properly during your training time with us.

Natural daytime make up – chances are you will end up taking it off in our practical sessions.

Personal Hygiene
Students must maintain their own personal hygiene at all times. It is important you are responsible for this at all times when working with the public.

We ask you do not wear any jewellery apart from wedding bands and rings. This is for the clients safety  and for treatment hygiene.

We cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage of your personal items whist you are in attendance at Elite Colours Ltd.

Training Manuals
You will be provided with your training manual and pre study manual (certain courses), and any other relevant training course material needed during your course.

Elite Colours Ltd Training material remains the property of Elite Colours and must not be used in any other training courses without written permission. 

All consumables and equipment will be provided during your training. Some of our courses include your kit to continue on your journey in your chosen career. This information will be provided upon booking and can also be found on our website of ‘whats included’. If your course does not come with a kit we will give you a list of materials and products you will need to buy and the best places to buy these from.

Case Studies and Exams
You will need to complete case studies after your course. You can do this by sending us an email (info@naomiwaite.co.uk) attaching your pictures and consultation forms. You may also be asked to come in to complete an assessment day, where you will complete models under assessment conditions.

Some of our courses will require pre – training manual study, assignments or exams. This will be in the course content on our website.

We are an accredited, recognised training facility, with Pmu Link and CPD. We are also registered with VTCT as a training provider. Your certificate is professionally recognised as an accredited course. You will be able to gain insurance after your course with reputable well known insurers.

If your trainer feels you are not ready to start working on clients you may be asked to come back for further shadow days and practical sessions before receiving your certificate.

Certificates will be given to you through the post, once you have completed your case studies (if this is a requirement of your particular course) and have passed all relevant coursework and exams.

Learning Disabilities
If you have a learning disability and would like to speak to your tutor, please call to discuss this further. A program can be arranged to get the best from your learning experience and time with us.

Lunch will be provided on your training course. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements before you attend. There is a full working kitchen and seating area with all appliances and utensils if you would like to bring your own food.

Tea, coffee and soft drinks are available throughout the day. There are food take away and sandwich shops around the area within a 1 minute walking distance.

Mobile Phones
We ask you refrain from using your mobile phone during your training and have your phone switched off. However you are welcome to take pictures and videos of the practical sessions, so you can refer back to this after your training.

If you have an emergency or personal situation, let your tutor know and ensure that you have your phone on silent throughout the course.

You can go to the outside area at the back of the building. We do not permit you to smoke at the front of the training facility at anytime.

Make sure you wash your hands and have a mint afterwards, especially if you are working on clients.

Further Information
If there is anything else you would like to speak to us about or just fancy a chat about your upcoming course – a trainer will get back to you as soon as they become available.

We look forward to your journey and the success that comes with it!

Contact Details
Elite Colours Ltd
73 Bowerham Road | Lancaster | Lancashire | LA1 4AQ
T: 01524 561502 | M: 07776777648
E: Info@elitecolours.co.uk | W: www.elitecolours.co.uk


King Street
Tel: 01524 67974
0.8miles / 16 minute walk / 4 minute taxi ride

Thurnham Hall
Thurnham Hall
Tel: 01524 751766
3.9 miles / 12 minute taxi ride

Toll House
Penny Street
Lancaster, LA1 1XT
Email: relax@pennystreetbridge.co.uk
Tel: 01524 599900
0.6 miles / 13 minute walk / 4 minute taxi ride

The Sun Hotel and Bar
63-65 Church Street
Tel: 01524 66006
Email: info@thesunhotelandbar.co.uk
1.0 miles / 22 minute walk / 5 minute taxi ride

Our Information & Address
Elite Colours Ltd
73 Bowerham Road | Lancaster | Lancashire | LA1 4AQ
T: 01524 561502 | M: 07776777648
E: Info@elitecolours.co.uk | W: www.elitecolours.co.uk
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There are places to park all around our training venue. There are no parking restrictions in place.

848 Taxis: 01524 848848

Coastal Taxis Ltd: 01524 424424

Manchester Airport
52 miles / 1 hour by train / 1 hour by taxi
There are regular trains direct from the Airport to Lancaster

Railway Station. Please check train and plane times before booking.
We would recommend getting a 5 minute taxi ride from the Railway Station to the venue.

1.1 miles / 21 minute walk
Lancaster train station
If you are unfamiliar with the area, we would recommend getting a 5 minute taxi ride from the Railway Station to the venue.